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Guide Rail

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We strive to educate the travelling public as to the critical role roadside safety devices play in keeping motorists, road workers and emergency services staff safe.

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Ontario Roadside Safety

We strive to keep Ontario motorists, road workers and emergency services staff safe through #roadsafety infrastructure.

We Are ...

ORSIC a newly formed coalition of industry professionals and our mission is to educate and create awareness surrounding the importance of roadside safety infrastructure through a new public service initiative, Safety On Your Side.

The Ontario Road Safety Infrastructure Coalition (ORSIC) is committed to help navigate and overcome the challenges of aging safety infrastructure in Ontario.

Roadside Safety Infrastructure Devices include: Steel beam guide rail, end terminals, crash cushions, sign supports, high tension cable guide rails and temporary construction barriers.

Our ultimate goal is to generate awareness and ensure safe roads through state-of-the art infrastructure, technology and driver education.

We Advocate ...

For Ontarians about the importance of roadside safety infrastructure and its role to protect motorists, workers, vulnerable users, and emergency  services.

Safety on Your Side: Raises awareness and promotes education regarding the importance of modern roadside safety infrastructure to protect motorists from roadside hazards, safe work zone practices and reduce the severity of traffic accidents.

Safety on Your Side: Aims to inform Ontario communities on the safety devices that are currently on their road network, and also to provide a clear understanding of their function as critical safety infrastructure.


Safety on Your Side: Encourages conversations on digital channels including our website and social media platforms around roadside safety infrastructure.


Safety on Your Side: Supports the provincial and municipal efforts to reduce the severity and frequency of harmful events on the road. 

We Face...

An ongoing challenge of more than 617 traffic fatalities on Ontario roads (in 2017) . ORSIC, and its partner organizations, are committed to making Ontario's provincial and municipal road network safer. 

ORSIC will continue to work with public sector owners to positively promote roadside safety infrastructure design, installation, maintenance, and inspection best practices.

We Collaborate ...

With leading safety infrastructure organizations and respected government and industry organizations to support innovation and modernize Ontario’s road safety infrastructure.

ORSIC is comprised of expertise positions the coalition as a leading organization in the roadside infrastructure industry, having supported Ontarians’ safety on the road with decades of combined experience.

Guide Rail Specifications



Steel Beam Guide Rail

Standard W-Beam (12 ga.)



790mm (31”)

RIB-BACK U-Channel: 5 lbs./ft | Wood Post

Post Height

Post Spacing

790mm (from grade level)



Crash Rating




Contain, Re-direct, Deflect

Item 3

I’m an item.

History of Guide Rail

Webinar - A Strategic Approach to Vision Zero

Controlled Crash Test

Explore Guide Rail

Explore the many purposes of Guide Rail and how they serve to protect motorists from road dangers.

What is a Guide Rail

A Guide Rail is a safety barrier that is designed to protect you from drifting off the road.

Purpose of Guide Rails

Coming Soon.

Artificial Factors.

Coming Soon.

Natural Factors

Coming Soon.

External Factors

Coming Soon.


Winter Driving

This quarter focuses on the usage and purpose of Guide Rail across Ontario roads.


Coming Soon

Details to be announced.

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Coming Soon

Details to be announced.

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Our Roadmap ...

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